Outsourcing is sometimes met with negative feelings. However paradigms have shifted, business models have changed, and true partnerships between outsourcing companies and school districts have emerged. Especially at SBTS headquarters.

SBTS believes in the concept of VESTED OUTSOURCING.

In the simplest of terms, vested outsourcing is a model in which both the outsourcing company and the school district can form a partnership based on shared values, common goals, and mutual benefit. A “what’s in it for we�? concept rather than a “what’s in it for me�? mentality. (Vitasek, 2014).

There truly isn’t a better match than for a special education department and a therapy service organization to collaborate. After all, we have a common goal of helping our students’ achieve their highest potential.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your special education programs and unique needs. SBTS can help you lower your therapy costs while improving the quality of related services your district can offer.

How? Because we believe in working together and sharing our expertise. Each fall, SBTS conducts professional development seminars for teachers, child study team members, and parents. In fact, one professional development day will be included, at no cost, with all of our 2015-2016 service contracts.

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