Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide highly specialized, goal oriented, effective therapeutic
services for children of all ages in a safe and nurturing environment.

Vision Statement


LEARN- Each child we treat has the potential to learn and supersede expected goals; Each child we treat has the potential to teach us extraordinary lessons.

CHILD CENTERED - All of our actions and decisions are based upon the unique needs of the remarkable children we service.

COLLABORATION - We will work together as a cooperative team member with parents, teachers, physicians, therapists, child study teams, extended families, coaches and friends.

CONTINUITY - Maintain contact with each child’s team members to ensure carry over of therapies into the home, classroom and community.

ETHICS - Follow the code of ethics set forth by our respective professions.

EDUCATION - Our talented therapists lecture extensively to spread knowledge and educate others.

CONTINUING EDUCATION - We recognize that there is always something more to learn in our progressive and dynamic professions, and therefore, continue to attend courses to broaden our knowledge base.

FUN - Most of all, despite the obstacles and challenges our children face each day, we allow them, and ourselves an opportunity to laugh.